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How Long Will My Inspection Take?

Now that you finally found the perfect home, you’ll likely have a small window of time to schedule your home inspection. The inspection contingency period can vary greatly and if you are new to the process, you’re probably wondering how long the inspection will take and how soon you’ll have the report. As for when you’ll get the report, we guarantee reports within 24 hours of the inspection. Most often the reports are delivered within a few hours of the inspection. How long the inspection will take can vary depending on a few factors such as:


In the Rochester area, most homes average about 1,500 – 2,000 square feet. If the home is relatively new and in good shape, it will usually take 2-3 hours on-site. We usually tell people with larger homes to expect roughly a 30-minute increase to the inspection time for every 500 square feet of additional space. Additionally, larger homes often will have multiple systems such as electrical sub-panels, additional water heaters, or multiple heating systems, all of which will add time to your inspection.

Condominiums usually require about 1.5 hours for an inspection as the roof and exterior are often maintained by the HOA. We strongly recommend speaking with your agent about the HOA’s responsibilities prior to scheduling an inspection.


The age of the home is probably the second biggest factor in determining how long the inspection will take. Newer homes typically have fewer issues than older homes, and therefore, fewer items to report. Older homes often come with unique issues to inspect and will add time to the home inspection. Some of these issues may include older electrical wiring, plumbing, additions/repairs made over the years, etc. Homes that are older than 50 years will typically add 30-45 minutes to the estimated inspection time.


The condition of the home is by far the biggest factor in determining how long the inspection will take. An older home in great condition will take less time to inspect than a newer home that is in poor condition. Homes that are neglected will have many more deficiencies that require further inspection.


Homes that are not on a slab foundation will take longer to inspect. Homes that have a crawlspace or basement will often have exposed plumbing or electrical wiring to inspect. In most cases, there are also structural components that are visible to inspect.


To us, one of the most rewarding aspects of the home inspection is to educate our clients on not only the condition of their home but how they can maintain it as well to help avoid future issues. We encourage our clients to follow us around during the inspection and to ask as many questions as possible. We genuinely enjoy getting to know our clients and making sure any and all concerns are addressed during the inspection.


The time it will take to inspect your home is going to vary. We do our best to look at the listing photos and/or local records to give you an idea of how long we think the inspection will take so you can plan accordingly. Regardless of how long the inspection will take, you will have a report within 24 hours. If you have any questions at all about the inspection process, contact us, we are here to help!

This article was reprinted with permission.


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